Ain’t nuthin’ this swingin’ hep cat likes more than cruisin’ up the ol’ gin joints and speakeasies dressed like a million smackers, which of course means a zoot suit! Yes, my chums, a real cat like m walkin’ in to the music hall with my best dame on my arm…it’d be quite somethin’.

It’s not just having a zoot suit that makes you the envy of all the Jimmies, Johnnys and Charlies when on the town. It’s how you wear it. See, a true JazzCat knows about style because his cattitude is the style. See, it’s about confidence, your tail held naturally swaying with the air naturally. Your paws moving like you own the joint yet don’t need to show it off.

It’s a real dame magnet, boys!

I’ll gets me a new zoot suit and boy, will it be swell! I don’t think I’ll be spending much time under the bed when lookin’ this fancy!

Stay cool, my friends.