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Some of you will remember the 80’s.  Now, I’m a millennial cat but my human has told me about those crazy days of silly fashion and even sillier hairdoes.

Don’t worry, you’re not about to be rick-rolled.

I’m talking about the Stray Cats and in particular, their most famous song, Stray Cat Strut

And since these cats are also 80’s cats hilarity naturally ensues. Stray Cats of a very particular kind, if you ask me but with a nice beat nonetheless.

Stray Cat Strut was first released in 1981 in the UK and then in 1982 in the US.  It is not a Swing song -it is a rockabilly song, but hep cats can certainly swing to it.  Furthermore, during the early years of the Lindy Hop revival (we’re talking late 90’s-early 2000’s) Stray Cat alumnus Brian Setzer re-recorded it with his new band, The Brian Setzer Orchestra, and immediately became a staple of every swing dance at the time.

You know I’m a trad Jazz kind of cat but I have to admit these cats had style.  And they get extra points for including a classic cartoon cat in their video!

Bad Luck Blackie

And here it is.  A true jewel of the 80’s

Happy Friday!