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Down in New Orleans where the sounds are sweet

In a back-alley corner off of Bourbon Street

There’s some hipster kitties (they don’t chase no rats).

They make swinging music – ’cause they’re Jazz Cats!

Jazz Cats!

Swingin’ Jazz Cats!

Now, this is a book that you all should have in your personal libraries.   With  beautiful illustrations by Chuck Galey (who must be a hep cat himself) this book is truly a jewel!

Book description (from Amazon):

A rhythmic jazzy story in verse, Jazz Cats tells about the escapades of some real cool cats that know how to entertain. Their jazz combo plays together in the streets of New Orleans. From the blow of the clarinet and trumpet to the pluck of the fiddle base and beating the trash can drums, these Dixie, dancin’ jazz cats know how to have fun.