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First of all, thank you for all the nice, encouraging comments.  It really made my kitty heart happy!

Unfortunately, I found myself in another not so good situation.  I’ll start with the good news this time around.

The good news is that my human didn’t go away.

That should be AWESOME news, right? RIGHT?

Well, the BAD news is that she didn’t go to that championship thingy (whatever THAT is), because she brought home this scrawny kitten from who knows where.

At first, I was like, whatever.  I know I’m way cuter.  So I just sniffed him and kept minding my own business.

That’s me in my human sister’s room.  Not getting what the fuss is all about

But then, several hours went by and the kid was still here.  And he was grabbing all of my human’s attention!

So I came and gave my human “the look”.  Hey, what am I, chopped liver?

My human petted me a little and went back to tending to the kid.

That’s when I lost it.  I mean, I try to always be a gentlecat but there are limits.  That kid was not only invading MY territory, but also taking away MY human.  Granted, the kid is cute.  I’ll admit to that.  But nobody steals my human.

I hissed at the kid and the kid tried to hiss back.  At least I think that was what he was trying to do.  Then I made it very clear for everybody that he had to leave.

There.  I was very proud of myself.  However, it backfired.  My human closed the bedroom door (to make things easier for me, she said, but I’m not so sure about that).

To make a long story short, I didn’t sleep much.  I could hear the kid meowing every now and then so I kept patrolling the area.  I even called out to my human a couple of times but she didn’t open the door.  Well, I least I had the rest of the place for myself.  But I wanted my human too!

Morning came and the kid was still here.  I was not impressed.

Anyway, the kid’s gone now.  My human found him a forever home.  I have to say I’m happy for him.  Having a forever home is very important.  And she says we can go and visit him anytime.

I’ll have to think about that.

And I finally have the WHOLE place – and my human, all to myself! Winning!

That’s me, smiling!