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Ah, what a good Saturday!

I gave my human the Silent Treatment so she had an opportunity to make amends.  Which she very eagerly did.

So! I forgave her and came cuddle with her while she was blogging [I let her use the laptop cause I am a very nice cat].

She took these photographs of me while I was chilling out, waiting to get the laptop back.

I thought I’d share them with you

Business as usual

See the hint of a smile?

Now, don’t forget the kid needs a name.  Hurry up and vote.  I am not gonna tell you what to do but I do think you all should vote for Satchmo.  He has a musical inclination and I think he’ll be a very good trumpet player.  Of course, you know I play the saxophone. Oh, you didn’t know that? Why, I must blog about it some day, then.

And since now all is good, I can go back to blogging about hep Jazz Cats! Oh, and Cartoon Cats, of course.