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The kid is learning the ropes. Please give him a warm welcome. Meow

Satchmo The Cat

I am a wescued kitteh and I’m simply adowable™

This is the stowy of my wescue for those of you who didn’t get a chance to wead it before.

I am alweady a very famous cat, you see.  Thewe was even a poll to choose my name.

And thus, my name is:

SatchmoTarquin-Fin- tim- lim- bim- whin- bim- lim- bus- stop- F’tang- F’tang- Olè- Biscuitbarrel.  Or Satchmo for showt.  Many thanks to those of you who kindly con… contwi… contwibuted (pheew, that’s a hard wowd for Little Satchie) to make my name twuly awesome.

And this is the place whewe you’ll be able to keep up with my many adventuwes.

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