Thank you SO much for all your comments and best wishes.  I’m sorry I haven’t replied to each individual comment on yesterday’s post but I did read them all and they made me very happy.  I’ll try and reply next week when I’m feeling better.


I’m doing better today.

Since I was able to keep the milk in, I figured I’d ask my human for some solid food and managed to convince her to do so.

She watched carefully while I ate a little (she didn’t let me eat too much) and then gave me some cuddles. After a while, I ate a little bit more and then I wanted to play.

We played my favourite game (hide and seek) about about 15 minutes. I wanted to keep going but my human said it was better to have some rest to let my tummy settle.

I woke up at 4:30 am and wanted to play some more but my human wasn’t too happy with that so I went back to sleep. I’ve been taking it easy today. Besides, it’s too hot to do anything, anyway.

My human says she’s calling the vet tomorrow to try and get my an earlier appointment.

In the mean time, I’m enjoying the extra attention from my human mom, my human sister and my human step-dad. And even from that brat, the kid