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So, I miss you guys.

I haven’t been doing much due to the long heat wave that is finally ending today.  It was blistering hot and we didn’t have AC.

That’s not me but that’s pretty much how I felt

I spent every day under the bed, which is the coolest spot in our place.  I could only come out at night, for water and some food.

I only felt like playing when it was the coolest, which usually means around 3-4 am.  However, my human was not very happy about this.  Just like us cats, she doesn’t like heat very much and she was also struggling to do her work while staying healthy.

She got us an AC unit yesterday so we had the most wonderful night sleep in quite a while.  It was beautiful.

Like I said, we’re supposed to get a bit of a break in the hot weather but at least we’re now prepared to face the hottest months of the year for us Ottawans.

Other than that, I’m seeing my vet tomorrow.  Really NOT looking forward to it.  I know it’s good for me but I don’t care for the poking and the prodding.  But most of all, I don’t not care for riding in cars.

Again, that’s not me but that’s exactly how I feel. Le sigh

Hope tomorrow comes and goes fast so I can put it behind me.