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Hello friends of the furry and non-furry kind.

I’m sorry I’ve been absent from the blogosphere lately.  If you follow the kid, you already know our human has been very busy and needed to borrow the laptop all the time.  Besides, it’s been so hot in our neck of the woods, it was getting very uncomfortable.  I could never move until the sun was down and then only to drink water and little bit of food.  Does it happen to you that when it gets too hot you lose your appetite?  I does to me.  All I want to do is drink water.

Anyway.  I want to ask you for your help.  Remember the Cats of Parliament Hill?

Well, Danny Taurozzi, one of the caregivers of the cat sanctuary, brought the case of Zoé to our attention.

Doesn’t it break your heart?

Zoé is a 3 month old kitten from the Montreal area who has been diagnosed with panleukopenia and is presently in intensive care at the Hôpital Vétérinaire Rive-Sud.

As you can imagine, the costs of her treatment are quite high and her human can’t afford it all.  So Danny decide to start a fundraiser.  Here’s the fundraiser’s page.

You can also find all the updates on Zoé’s brave fight for life at the The Cats of Parliament Hill Facebook page.

If you have some extra change lying around, perhaps you could help Zoé?