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Well friends, I have good news and bad news.

It all started as usual. My human got the carrier out and I sighed and braced myself.

My human called a cab and off we went. The waiting area was full of doggies and their strange (to me) scent made me even more apprehensive. On top of everything, my silly human got confused and got it in her mind that our appointment was at 1pm when it was at 1:30. We were told they were running a bit behind and they could not take us early so we had to wait. Have you noticed how time slows down and almost gets to a stop when you’re waiting? Yeah, that.

However, I have to say my human was very comforting at all times so I was able to relax a little, not without letting them know first this was difficult time for me. I am not very chatty with strangers. But today, they heard my voice nice and clear.




My human let me take a peak so I knew I was safe


I found a hide-out in the office so I went there in between the time with the technician and the Vet. I knew what was coming


Yep, a shot in my leg and another one in my shoulder. But I was brave and didn’t even flinch. My Vet was VERY impressed


Clean bill of health. Yep!

So the good news is that I am healthy.  “In very good shape” said the Vet (a very lovely ginger -just like me, lady-human).  She also said I was a very handsome gentlecat so I stood very proud.  We will never know what made me sick a few weeks back but she says my tummy is just fine now.

Now, the bad news.  Some four years ago, I broke my upper right canine.  The vet checked it at the time and said I didn’t need any dental treatment.  However, that’s not the case anymore. A little hole is starting to form and the Vet says we need to take care of it before it gets infected or worse.  Now we’re looking at either Root Canal Therapy or extraction of the fang.  We’re waiting to hear from the cat dentist surgeon, but we have the estimate for the extraction (which my Vet is certified to do).  And let me tell you, it ain’t cheap.  We were also told that the Root Canal estimate would be even higher.  My human says she wants to try and keep the fang if possible but at this point we don’t know what’s gonna happen.  We’re not very happy about this, as you can imagine.

Well, that’s it for the update.

Oh, and my human got me a little reward for being such a good cat!


hmmmm… what’s this?


Why, I think I like it!