First, we learned I need surgery for my fractured canine


Then there was the news about Zoe.  I’m still heartbroken and it’ll take me a while to get over it.

Then I found out that the kid is not a boy BUT A GIRL! So I don’t have a little brother but a little sister. Well, that shouldn’t change things that much but I have to say I am very much warming up to the idea of a little brat sister running around.

I think I’m just gonna have to take another nap just to digest all the news.


ah yes, naps make everything look better. Have you met my buddy Frankie Bear?

And speaking of the kid, she came for a visit last night. It didn’t go too bad.


Keeping an eye on her comings and goings. She still runs around saying “I’m a wace car, I’m a wace car”


uh-oh she’s getting close…


She’s IN MY WINDOW. OK, fine. I can share the window. But she better not think about climbing to MY chair


Hey Satchie. See how cool I am?


Pheeew, watching out for a kitten is tiring. Now that she’s gone back to her place, I can enjoy my kickeroo again