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So, I had forgotten I had a human brother.  Some of you might remember I live with my human mother and my human sister.  And of late, I also have a little cat sister but we’re not sharing living quarters… yet.

Well, a loooooong time ago, my human brother used to live with us.  Then he finished high school and he moved back to my human’s country of origin to attend university there.  That was five years ago.

Well, he’s back in Canada for a little visit – the first in five years, so naturally, we’re spending a lot of time with him.  Hence, the radio silence from all of us.

So, please forgive me if I haven’t visited your blogs lately.  We will go back to regular schedule once he’s gone (although my human wishes he would stay forever with us).

Here are some pics of me and my human brother hanging out

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Hope you all are having a great summer so far.  Looking forward to reading your adventures in a week or two