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Hello friends. I miss you all terribly. Hope you all are having a GREAT summer so far.

The reason the kid and I have been MIA for a while is that our human hasn’t been feeling well. Something to do with our human brother.

The kid and I have been taking good care of our human, though. Making sure she gets a lot of cuddles and purrs from us. I’ve even been playing a lot with the kid cause that seems to make my human happy. I let her chase me and then I chase her back until I see my human smile. And I gotta admit I even enjoy the exercise. It is a bit rejuvenating. But what I enjoy the most is the smile on my human’s face. She hasn’t been smiling much lately.


The kid and I on our human sister’s bed, entertaining our human


The kid being goofy. What a character that one is. But hey, it worked! It made our human smile!


Me, trying to look cute for my human. Do you think I was successful?


Then we three took nap on my human’s bed. And yes, THAT is MY blankie.  That kid knows no boundaries

Now, my human and I finally made a decision on my dental surgery. We’re going for the canine extraction. Many thanks to all of you for your valuable advice both here and on my human’s blog. We are very grateful!

I have to go in on Monday afternoon for a blood test and then again on Tuesday morning for the surgery. I am not very happy about that but I guess it’ll be nice when it’s all over and I’m not in pain anymore.

Wish me luck!