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OH NO!!! Am I infected with dog too?

The Blog of Otis

My Disciples,

I walked into the living room this morning to find Brother Oliver laying on the floor in a semi-catatonic state. I asked him what was wrong and he said, “Leader Otis! I…I can’t believe what I just heard the Guardians say! I think Thomas was infected with dog!”

I was shocked by Brother Oliver’s statement. Why would he think that Thomas had a dog infection? I asked him to tell me everything he had heard. Brother Oliver said, “I walked into the room earlier and the Guardians were saying that it was time for them to go up to Valhalla to check on Thomas. One of them said, ‘Don’t forget his pain meds. His infection is gone, but he’s still pretty sore from having his canine extracted.’ I couldn’t believe it! Thomas had been infected with canine and they had to extract it? No wonder he was at…

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