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This is it my friends.

Today is the dreaded day of my dental surgery!

Yesterday, we went to the pet hospital to get some blood work done in preparation for the surgery. I was a very brave cat and Dr Young said she was very proud of me. I like Dr Young, she’s always very nice and she scratches me behind my ears, which I like.

If only the place didn’t have that awful scent of fear and other things I don’t quite recognize…

But it all went well today and soon we were back home.


Check the bandage on my front leg. That’s were they took the blood sample from


My human gave me a nice treat for being such a good cat!

So, I hope it all goes well.Ā  I have to admit that after reading that post from Leader Otis I’m a little concerned.Ā  Hopefully they’ll be able to get dog infection out of me, if that’s what I have.