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I’m back home and it all went well!

We had a bit of a rough start as I didn’t want to go inside my carrier.  I know, I know.  It was for the best but oh, friends, that loaner carrier from the pet hospital has too many not so good scents.  It was freaking me out.  Not even with my own blanket, which my human had put in there to help with the road trip I could bring myself to get in there.

After a few tries, my human convinced me to go in and the dreaded trip to the hospital started.

My human sister decided to accompany my human mom and me which was a good thing cause if you think I was upset, my poor human was even in a worse state.  I decided to be very brave to help her feel better but still, she got that leaky eyes problem again, when I had to go inside and she was not allowed to come with me.

I gotta tell you, I wasn’t happy.  My front leg was still somewhat tender from yesterday and then they pinched me some more and put some tubes in me.  I didn’t like that at all.  But then, I went to sleep and I don’t remember much after that.

When I woke up again, I had the taste of blood on my mouth and that wasn’t fun.  I also felt “funny” which brought vague memories of a time long ago when something else was done to me at another hospital.  Not precisely the happiest of memories.

Anyway, soon enough, they told me my human was there to take me home and they put me in MY OWN carrier.  I know the kid is taken with it and now calls her fort, but it is mine.  It has been mine for a number of years.  However, I really don’t use it much.  In fact, I’d be happy to never have to use it again so come to think of it, the kid can play with it all she wants.

Waiting to go home

Can we get it done with the picture taking and go home already?

The culprit, that darn canine


The canine was extracted and I’m a 100% cat again.  I think…

Now I just have to take the medication for a while but at least some of it tastes like beef so I guess it’s alright.  My right paw is a bit swollen and of course, there’s some pain but good Dr. Young did send me home with pain killers on top of the antibiotics so I should be fine in no time!

And guess what?

My human got a hand written note among the paperwork.  This it said:

Jay’s dental cleaning and extraction went very well today. He was a lovely patient and we all wish him a speedy recovery!

That should be enough to make even the grumpiest of cats smile, don’t you think?