Hello friends.

Getting all caught up with your wonderful blogs is proving an overwhelming task. It’s gonna take a me long time and most likely I won’t be able to read all the posts I missed so I apologize if I don’t manage to read all of yours. It is not on purpose, I promise.

And on top of that, we had a momentous event over the weekend. It hit us all like a tornado as we were not expecting it so soon.

Some of you have commented how big Satchie is now. She’ll be 5 months old this week.

Well, our Satchie -while still being technically a kitten, is definitely not little anymore. I did notice that she was acting a bit different – weird, if I may say so, but it was mostly my human’s face that told me something was wrong. Well, not wrong, but not quite right.

From what I gathered, Satchie has started her estrus cycle whatever that means, and now they are talking about surgery and stuff. I just feel bad for the kid. The word surgery is an ominous one. Nothing good can come out of it!

She’s doing much better today. Not crying anymore. I felt so bad for her. She was crying so much yesterday like she was in pain. We played for a while but I’m an old mancat and she’s the Energizer bunny so I can’t keep up with her.


I need my zzzZZZZzzzz


She ran around for a while longer and then….


um, kid? That’s MY blanket!