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Did you see the video of the kid jumping up the wall? She’s getting quite good at jumping.  Impressive, really.

It made me think of my own kittenhood.

Me and my first cat dancer. I am five months old in this picture. Loved that toy. It’s the kid’s favourite too

Oh, how I loved to jump. My human used to call me the Olympian Cat.  My human helped me train using the cat dancer and other various toys.  I liked to run too but not as much as the kid does.  My favourite sport was jumping as high as possible.  And to kick things while I was at it.

I’m a ninja! Or I was, anyway MOL. I’m 7 months old in this one

See the blue thingy? Compare where it is in this picture and where it was in the previous one. My human would throw it at me and I’d hit it back.  Best goalie ever, said my human.

Yep, once upon a time, I was quite the cathlete!