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My kitty heart is broken

I was checking my Facebook feed and I saw this post again:

To be destroyed today

According to the page, the euthanizing starts at 6 am so all these beautiful kitties are probably no more.

And I ask myself, why are humans so irresponsible? How can they be so cold? I am angry.  I’m sad.  I want to kick someone.  That could have been me.  Or precious little Satchie.

Look at all those faces.  You can see they’re afraid.  You can see they want to be loved.  They don’t deserve their fate.  They didn’t do anything wrong.

Just think, this is only one city.  How many cats and dogs are put down every day in the world? Just because of human irresponsibility.

Please, share this information.  Even if those in the picture are already gone, others might be saved.

With a heavy heart,