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Cause it certainly feels like Christmas today at home!

I finally got my tower!!!!

Isn’t it awesome?

Of course I had to check it out to make sure everything was OK

yeah, it looks OK over here

And what do we have here?

Ah, yes, I think I’m gonna like it

The tower was a gift from my human mom and sister.  The kid hasn’t seen it yet but she better not get ANY ideas.

Fine, I’ll share it with her.  But it is still MINE!

But that’s not all.  Then my human said I had to come and see.  So I went to my feeding area and found this:

A new place mat! About time too cause the other one was starting to look really ugly

Place mat detail. Kitty looks like me, does it not?

And this is how it looks with my water and food bowls. Yes, life is definitely good