Hi there, I guess some of you might have wondered what happened to me.

Well, friends. October was a difficult month for us. I know some of you also follow my human’s blog so you already have an idea of how hard it has been for her.

Plus there were other things we didn’t blog about.

The kid’s been living full time with us for a week now. She’s doing well but we think she misses her dad, of course.

She also just finished another estrus. Poor kid and poor humans. And poor me, too. I was going nuts with so much crying. But no worries, she has her appointment for the surgery in a week.  However, that’s sets us back as we’re still not done paying for my dental surgery.

The human mom & sister got creative, did a little bit of sewing and gluing and produced Halloween costumes for both of us (oh, the indignity) so expect some Halloween photos soon.

Hope you are all well. Miss you all.

Me, getting into the Halloween spirit

The kid and I, on one of those rare moments when she’s not running like crazy around the place