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I guess I just want to say that I miss you all.

There’s something that has been bugging me for a while. Well, other than not being able to visit your blogs and keep up with your adventures.

But this is about the awards I’ve got.

I know I haven’t responded to any of them since June – I think.  I am very worried that you may think I don’t care. I do. So please don’t think I’m ungrateful. I very much appreciate them and it makes my kitty heart all nice and warm every time I get one. I feel it’s very rude to not have acknowledged them. I even started a post that is in draft a couple of months ago but then… well, things happened. And they keep happening.

So I apologize for that.

for thinking I deserve all those lovely awards.

If my human feels better any time soon, I’ll try to finish that draft.

Hope you are all doing well. Christmas is approaching fast and we’re all here wondering what’s the kid going to do when she sees the Christmas tree! Oh boy, I think there will be ornaments flying all over the place. But before that, I guess there’s the American thanksgiving.  We celebrated Thanksgiving in October so after Halloween, there’s no other big holiday for us till Christmas.

Friends from other parts of the world, do you celebrate anything else?