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So, we still don’t have a Christmas tree.

And I was so looking forward to see the kid’s reaction!

It seems like the humans can’t do anything right so I think I’ll have to step in and take charge of Christmas here. My work is never done.

We moved to this place on January 1st 2012. Our Christmas tree was nicely packed and put away with all the boxes for the move. Now, the humans can’t find it and don’t remember when was the last time they saw it. Le sigh.

On top of that, my human decided to go away for the weekend. To a dance event! As if the Case Of The Missing Christmas Tree weren’t important. How could she just take off to the States during such a crisis? I’ll never know.

And now it’s Wednesday and we still don’t have a Christmas tree.

I’ll have to leave you with some pictures of my very first Christmas and my first Christmas tree instead.

Checking out the tree fir the first time

Let’s check this thing out

Jay first xmas 3

Jay first xmas 4

Jay first xmas 2

The tree meets all the quality control requirements. You may hang the ornaments now