So, me again, pleading for yet another kitty in need. I know there are thousands of kitties that need our help. I know we can’t help them all. But can you help this one? In case you didn’t know, my human’s name is Claudia. Please, won’t you help my human’s namesake? We donated, shared on FB and here on WP.
Help in anyway you can. Even just $1 will make a difference.

He'Art of Rescue


Claudia is a stray kitty that one can meet in every street in Turkey.

She is  a beautiful young female cat that has  been born in the streets and learned to trust people who leave her food at the corner of her street.Soon Claudia becomes a familiar face to the neighbour , her sweet personality and friendly nature attracts people and helps her to survive in the street by the help of a few good hearted human that would not forget her daily portion.

Claudia’s life was similar to millions of stray cat living in Turkey…

Life as a stray provided CLAUDIA total freedom  but it also had its challenges ; hunger, being exposed to the dangers of a chaotic world and animal abusers to count a few.

One day the expected happened ;  Claudia had a terrible accident that took her entire tail and injured her in a horrible…

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