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We had a little scare last week.

Sometime mid-afternoon, my human, the kid and I were woken up by the building fire alarms.

I was maddening. Everybody had to leave the building, companion animals included.

As it turned out, there was a fire indeed but it was a small one, thank ceiling cat. And a the superintendent place, no less.

The firefighters came put the fire out, turn the big fans off to get the smoke out of the building and after a while, everybody was allowed to go back in.

But that’s one of my human’s worse fears. That there’s a fire while she’s out and the kid and I will be trapped in the apartment.

Fortunately, the human’s home most of the time. No 9-5 job to take her away. But there’s always the risk.

Also, even if the human is home we realized we’re not prepared all that well for the eventuality. We only have one carrier. Sticking two stressed out kitties in one carrier may not be the best of ideas. On the other hand, going down the stairs with a carrier in each hand is a bit dangerous, especially if visibility is not that good due to smoke or the stairs are compromised due to earthquake.

To make matters more difficult, the human’s health issues make her unstable when navigating stairs, especially going down. So we’re worried.

We live on a fourth floor. There have been talks about finding a first floor apartment and that may happen eventually but for now, we’re stuck here.

We’ve been looking for a while for one of those stickers that say “please save my cat” but the Ottawa Fire Department doesn’t seem to make them anymore.

The human is thinking of making a simple sign herself and stick to the door with duct tape or something which is very Canadian of her.

Other than that, we’re not sure what else to do.

Do you have emergency plans for your companion animals? Are you prepared for the eventuality of fire (or an earthquake)?