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Friends, I know I’ve been away for a long time. I haven’t forgotten about you. I hope you are all well. I miss visiting your blogs very much but you see, I’ve been very busy taking care of my human. I hope you can understand.

Breaking my radio silence today, because of this article from the daily email from National Geographic that made me very sad and angry. We’ve all been furious about that horrible video calling us killers and many other things. I know many of you have written post about that. And Mr Williams’ post is just another example of how dangerous misinformation can be. Of course it is good that he cares about birds and declining bird populations. However, killing one species in order to protect another can hardly be called a solution!

Volunteers hold feral kittens waiting to be spayed and neutered in the Florida Keys.
Photograph by Melissa Farlow, National Geographic

Please read -if you haven’t yet, Nat Geo’s article: Writer’s Call to Kill Feral Cats Sparks Outcry

I missed the original post by this -from a cat’s point of view, horrible person but I am very happy to hear that:

The magazine, published by one of the nation’s leading bird groups, has since suspended its contract with Williams and removed him as editor-at-large from its masthead.

However, the main problem remains. More and more, people are being convinced that cats are bad.

We need to keep educating people.

About how cats are just doing what nature intended them to do after millions of year of evolution. Being a predator is not being a killer. If that were the case, they we’d need to eradicate the big cats too because they’re killing and eating gazelles, and all sorts of other animals. If that were the case, we’d need to kill all predators in nature so only pray would remain.

We also need to keep educating people about the importance of neutering/spaying. About the fact that kittens are not toys to be given as a present and then discarded when they become adult cats. That it is morally wrong to toss out a senior cat that has been with you for years and years, because he/she now needs medical attention.

We need to support no-kill shelters by volunteering, by donating when we can, by continuing to write about the issues. But contacting our government to ask for better policies in dealing with feral and strays cats.

My human and I thank you for all your efforts, past, present and future.