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This story has a very sad, angering start but a very happy ending.

It happened in a country far, far away from mine. It is called Turkey and one of my human’s best friends since decades before I was born is currently living there.

One day, my human got an urgent message from her friend. There was a small cat around her house and it looked to be in distress. My human’s friend -while being a cat lover, had never cared for cats because she’s allergic.

My human tells me that when they were in school together, her friend would come to visit or to study and she would play with the cats. My human always had the allergy medication ready cause her eyes would start watering and she would start sniffling in less than 30 minutes!

Anyway, the friend was very worried. She put some food and water out but she could tell there was something very wrong with the cat. My human told her to try and trap the cat to take it to the vet. It turned out the cat didn’t need any trapping. As soon as the friend went out the house, the poor thing came running towards her like saying “please help me”

Now be strong. This is one of the first pictures the friend was able to take

Lola - burned tail

As it turned out, Lola’s tail was all burned. No clue on how that happened but the friend has the suspicion that some of the village’s kids did it. Apparently the cat -who at this point didn’t even have a name, would get really upset whenever there were little humans around.

The friend took the cat to the vet and they tried to preserve the tail. The friend said the vet cleaned the burns (I shudder to think of the pain) and they were sent home with no pain medication. Can you believe that? My human was angry when she heard! The poor cat wasn’t given any pain medication whatsoever *HISSS*

But! the friend was told the little cat was a female and about 6 or 7 months old.

When the friend took her back to the vet for the control appointment, it was clear that the tail had to be amputated.

At this point, my human’s friend was determined to adopt the kitty and do everything she could to bring her back to health. She named her Lola Sincola (Tailess Lola). She gave permission for the surgery and sat crossing fingers and toes that everything went well.

And guess what, it did!!!

Lola came out of surgery just fine and in no time, she was eating well and running around like a healthy kitten should do.

You can see how happy Little Lola is now.

Feel free to click on the pictures to see the bigger versions.

Lola Sincola is well taken cared of and absolutely adored by my human’s friend. She’s even had already her spay surgery and she wakes her human up every morning by licking her face and sending her running to the bathroom to take the allergy medicine πŸ™‚

Isn’t Lola Sincola gorgeous?

Disclaimer: Story and photographs used with permission of Lola’s human. All copyright belongs to her! Please do not use without permission (I really should learn how to make those watermark thingies)