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I’ve recently shared the last update on the story of Claudia the Cat.
Now it’s time to make a difference for another little darling. Meet Mini. Please, please SHARE and donate if you can. We already did. Every dollar counts. Even if all you can spare is $1. Imagine if all of us donate $1 today. Can we get a thousand people donating one dollar? I know times are tight for everyone. I understand, even if I am a cat and not a human.
So if you can’t donate, then please share. Let’s help Mini get the life she deserves! Just think, how wonderful it will be when she too finds a forever home!

He'Art of Rescue

She is one of the millions of stray cats roaming free in the streets of İstanbul , her mother , an unknown soul to us, is probably one of the most skilled felines of the city …

She has to be ; surviving in the big metropolitan city with only your bare minimum needs met is not an easy task when you channel most of your energy into protecting your baby.
It is not always possible though.
Often , if it is not a car that takes your most precious away , it is the human cruelty.

Mini’s story started just like many others,the moment she fell apart from her mother , she became a prey to the dangers of the world…
A world mostly dominated by human race,thus a world where the rules are set by them.
The first 4 months of her life was not that bad …

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