Happy Mardi Gras!


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Let’s all head to Satchmo’s (the one and only Louis Armstrong, not that brat of a sister I have) place* of birth today!

*Although if y’all want to come visit, I would be very happy to have you

Down in New Orleans where the Blues (and Jazz) was born

It takes a cool cat, to blow a horn

Yes, dear Satchmo, you are the coolest, heppest cat that ever lived


Babysitting The Kid

The human is away this weekend *hiss* so as any responsible big brother would do, I’m taking care of the kid.

I always worry when the human goes away. But at least she’s taken good care of.

Meet, Frimousse. He’s in charge of my human this weekend and he assures me she’s doing just fine.


However, I can’t wait for the weekend to be over. This babysitting business is very tiring!


Claudia the Cat


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I’m happy to report Claudia the Cat had her surgery and she’s doing well!

Claudia the Cat

From the He’Art of Rescue:

Claudia has been operated , a very long and detailed operation during which the doctors performed resection of caput femoris, fixation of tibial fracture by osteosyntesis and rectopexy ( to correct the rectal prolapse )

Claudia is doing well after this huge operation but she will need to stay at the clinic under observation for a time , time to make sure everything goes as planned.

The operation and clinic care expenses are huge for such complicated cases. Please if you can help us take this rescue to the happy end as Claudia deserves

Here’s the link for Claudia’s ChipIn

In case of emergency, break the glass


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We had a little scare last week.

Sometime mid-afternoon, my human, the kid and I were woken up by the building fire alarms.

I was maddening. Everybody had to leave the building, companion animals included.

As it turned out, there was a fire indeed but it was a small one, thank ceiling cat. And a the superintendent place, no less. Continue reading

So, me again, pleading for yet another kitty in need. I know there are thousands of kitties that need our help. I know we can’t help them all. But can you help this one? In case you didn’t know, my human’s name is Claudia. Please, won’t you help my human’s namesake? We donated, shared on FB and here on WP.
Help in anyway you can. Even just $1 will make a difference.

He'Art of Rescue


Claudia is a stray kitty that one can meet in every street in Turkey.

She is  a beautiful young female cat that has  been born in the streets and learned to trust people who leave her food at the corner of her street.Soon Claudia becomes a familiar face to the neighbour , her sweet personality and friendly nature attracts people and helps her to survive in the street by the help of a few good hearted human that would not forget her daily portion.

Claudia’s life was similar to millions of stray cat living in Turkey…

Life as a stray provided CLAUDIA total freedom  but it also had its challenges ; hunger, being exposed to the dangers of a chaotic world and animal abusers to count a few.

One day the expected happened ;  Claudia had a terrible accident that took her entire tail and injured her in a horrible…

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The last of the Christmas posts


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So, I got a few other presents too:


Well, this one was really not intended for me. But since the kid was more interested in the bag…


My nice stocking


some nice toys. I gave the kid most of them, though


Except for this one

And that’s about it. I am really liking the bed. It’s pretty cozy. It keeps me nice and warm in these Canadian winters.

And that’s it for my very late Christmas posts. Goodness gracious, it’s almost my birthday now…

A very late post about my very special Christmas present


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You may remember that a while back I wrote a post about some special Jazz Cats from New Orleans.

Well, look what I got for Christmas!

20130107-185448.jpgBut that is not all. I opened the book and guess what I found?


The book is signed to me by Mr. Galey, who made the illustrations for the book!!!


A little more detail. He even did a drawing of me! Isn’t that great?

Well, that was an amazing present. Thank you so much Mr. Galey. I hereby declare you are one cool cat yourself!

And you should all buy the book about the coolest cats that ever lived in New Orleans!

I’ve been following a thing girl for a while. Her sense of humour is great plus she has a lot of common sense, something most humans lack.
She makes an excellent point here: “She’s your cat, not a set of golf clubs.” Why do humans care so little about our feelings? That’s something I will never understand.


There seems to be an epidemic going around of women, once they meet a man, unloading their pets. Why can’t we all play nice preferably under the same roof, is what I’d like to know.

What inspired this were my friends Fred and Bev who, when they were visiting Bev’s sister in West Virginia, got stuck sleeping with her cat. Why? The new boyfriend has a dog who gets bedroom privileges. Imagine how kitty must feel sleeping in the guestroom. Now my friends are cat people so believe me, she had a cozy time but that’s not the point, it’s the principal of the thing. She’s your cat, not a set of golf clubs.

Bingo, the dog, must have the biggest balls going knowing his company was preferred. Well, I know a thing or two about cats, he better watch his step when he’s toolin around that verandah because accidents…

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