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keep calm  it's by birthday

Actually, we’ll party on our – Satchie and I, Gotcha Day next month but we can still celebrate a little today, right?

I am ten now. And still a bachelor. But who has time for ladycat friends when one has to take care of the tornado that is the kid? I have to be responsible, you know?

And now, because you asked for it, here’s a picture of me when I was a young fella.

Me and my first cat dancer. I was five months old here.  Love that toy.  It's the kid's favourite too

Me and my first cat dancer. Loved that toy. And now, it’s the kid’s favourite too

I was five months old in that one. Sadly, there aren’t any pictures of me at a younger age.

So, there you go. Hope you all had a good week. It’s Friday! Time to relax and spend time with the love ones.

Enjoy your weekend!