Oh, what a brilliant idea. All countries in the world should do this! Crossing paws that the proposal gets accepted, or whatever the word is for that kind of thing


I’ve recently been reading about the government’s proposal to make animal welfare a part of the National Curriculum of UK schools. A recent consultation was held to find out the public response to the plans and I sincerely hope that they go ahead. I believe it can only be a good thing to educate children about how to treat animals; a step which could reduce animal abuse and neglect in later years.

The new curriculum would include teaching children about the five basic needs of animals- environment, diet, behaviour, companionship and health. This would include learning about the importance of diet and exercise for both animals and humans.

It seems like such a great idea to teach this important knowledge at a crucial age. Not only will it teach children the basic care animals require, it will also encourage them to show respect, love and compassion towards other living beings…

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